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Health Maintenance Organization Plans (HMO)

The Public Employees’ Benefits Program (PEBP) offers HMO plans to state employees and retirees and eligible non-state employees and retirees. An HMO is a type of health plan in which a member of the plan usually pays copayments for care received. As long as the member complies with the provisions of the plan (generally one must first visit a predesignated doctor or clinic in order to obtain care at the discretion of the HMO), there are no other charges for the health care services, other than copayments.

HMO’s are limited to a service area and participants must use designated providers to receive benefits, with the exception of urgent or emergency services obtained outside of the HMO’s service area.

Northern Nevada

Hometown Health Plan is offered to participants residing in Northern Nevada.  This plan option features medical prescription drug, and vision coverage.  The Plan requires that you would select a Primary Care Provider (family or general practice, internal medicine or a geriatric specialist): however, an enhanced feature of this Plan includes "Open Access."  This means HHP members may self-refer to select specialists contracted with Hometown Health Plan HMO Plan without first obtaining a referral from a Primary Care Provider (PCP).  For additional information about HHP, call (775) 982-3232 or (800) 336-0123, or visit the Hometown Health Plan website at Hometown Health HMO Plan.

Senior Care Plus Northern Nevada's Senior Care Plus is a Medicare Advantage Plan offered by Hometown Health Plan. To be eligible for Senior Care Plus, you must have Medicare Parts A and B and reside in Washoe County. Senior Care Plus coordinates Medicare benefits and offers additional benefits that Medicare does not cover. The Senior Care Plus Plan offers medical, prescription drug, vision benefits, preventive are options and disease management programs. For information about the Senior Care Plus, call (775) 982-3112 or (800) 336-0123, or visit the Hometown Health Plan website at Hometown Health HMO Plan.

Southern Nevada

Health Plan of Nevada (HPN) is available to employees and retirees who live or work in Southern Nevada. For a complete listing of the HPN service areas, please contact PEBP’s Member Service department at 800-326-5496, or HPN’s Customer Service at 702-242-7300 or 800-777-1840.

To locate a provider, review a summary of benefits and the Evidence of Coverage Certificate, visit HPN’s website.

As of January 8, 2010, Fremont Emergency Services will no longer be contracted with Sierra Health-Care Options, Inc.

Fremont Emergency Services provides emergency room physician services for the HCA hospitals (Sunrise, Mountain View, and Southern Hills). 

Senior Dimensions Retiree Choice Plus Plan

Senior Dimensions is a Medicare replacement plan which requires a retiree to have both Medicare Part A & B coverage. The plan is currently offered to retirees residing in Clark, Esmeralda and Nye counties. Retirees must access services within the approved service area. An enrollment packet explaining the plan in detail will be mailed to retirees upon request. If you or your spouse are Medicare eligible and choose to enroll in Senior Dimensions, the non-Medicare spouse (and dependents) will be enrolled in the Health Plan of Nevada HMO Plan. Click on the Senior Dimensions link to view the summary of benefits. For enrollment and eligibility questions call Senior Dimensions at 702-821-2300 or toll free at 800-274-6648.

To visit the Senior Dimensions Website Click on www.seniordimensions.com.

To determine the monthly premium cost for each plan, click here.


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